Boston Celtics defeat Chicago Bulls, 110-105

The frequency between his dunks are somewhere between oil changes and solar eclipses, but every so often Ray Allen decides to reach for the rim.

“I do it every 65, 70 games,’’ he said.

Last night, as the Celtics found themselves in an unexpected overtime shootout with Chicago, he reached his checkpoint at a moment when the Celtics needed someone to put a dagger in a Bulls team that wouldn’t stay down.

After being down as much as 16 in the second half, the Bulls wi...

Rajon Rondo’s foot condition was serious enough for Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte to tell coach Doc Rivers it would be a good idea to sit Rondo last night.

Ten minutes later, Rivers walked into the film room to talk to Rondo.

“I’m playing,’’ Rondo said. “I’m fine.’’

From his 4 steals to his 11 assists to his 10 points, Rondo left his footprints all over the Celtics’ 110-105 overtime win over Chicago last night, but the soreness that bothered Rondo Wednesday night aga...

The Celtics couldn’t nail down their nail-biting victory over Chicago last night until overtime, when the big dogs came out and ripped a 110-105 win out of the hands of the Bulls.

But Boston’s finest five only got the chance to put away the Bulls because of a standout effort by the second unit in the first half, when Marquis Daniels brought the team to life as he scraped out 9 points to spark a 22-3 run. The Celtics lost that big edge in points in the second half, but t...