Orlando Magic defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 128-86

ORLANDO - The Orlando Magic must have made some kind of NBA history Wednesday when it became the first team to get consecutively unscheduled nights off.

Tuesday's game against the Knicks was postponed because of unfounded asbestos concerns at Madison Square Garden, a development that had the Magic back home by chartered flight in time to watch "The Good Wife" that evening.

On Wednesday at sparkling new Amway Center, the Timberwolves simply gave them the night off.


ORLANDO - Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley sat out Wednesday's game at Orlando because of that hip he bruised the night before in Miami from a nasty fall he'd rather not ever see again.

"I couldn't really watch it," he said. "I tried, and I can stomach a lot, but the first time, it hurt me just watching it. Oh, it was bad. The whole crowd just shut up. When you hear that 'Ohhhhhhhh,' you know it's not real good."

Beasley said his hip didn't feel as bad when he aw...