Margaret Taylor-Burroughs Dies

The Board of Trustees and staff of the DuSable Museum mourn the passing of its last remaining Founder, Dr. Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs.

Dr. Burroughs died Sunday morning (November 21, 2010) peacefully in her sleep, at home surrounded by her family at the age of 95. Margaret Taylor Burroughs, poet, visual artist, educator and arts organizer was born on November 1, 1915. She attended school in Chicago, including Chicago teachers College and received a Bachelor’s Degree (1944) and a Master’s (1948) of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago.

As word spread about the death of national and international Black historian Dr. Margaret Goss Burroughs condolences poured in from the White House and throughout Chicago. Extolling Dr. Burroughs as one “who was widely admired for her contributions to American culture as an esteemed artist, historian, educator and mentor, President Barack Obama said “Dr. Burroughs’ legacy will continue throughout the world.” Dr. Burroughs, co-founded Chicago’s DuSable Museum of African American History with her late husband Charles Gordon Burroughs in the living room of their home in 1961, was serving as director emeritus of the museum at her death. She died Sunday at home in Chicago with her family at her bedside. Dr. Burroughs was 95.