Portland Trail Blazers defeat New York Knicks, 100-95

They're being advertised as the "new New York Knicks," which is what Michael Buffer, the PA announcer extraordinaire of "let's get ready to rumble!" fame, called them in the opening introductions Saturday night at the Garden.

Well, here's what's really "new" about the Knicks:

They don't cower at the first sign of trouble.

They don't quit.

They stick around and put up a fight.

The Knicks still came out on the short end, losing, 100-95, to a Blazer team that's...

Maybe it lacked the buzz that LeBron James would have generated had he decided to wear No. 6 for the Knicks and not the Heat.

And yet, the Knicks' home opener provided something true supporters of the orange and blue haven't felt in years: hope. You could hear it inside Madison Square Garden when Bill Walker's 3-pointer gave the Knicks a nine-point lead with 5:30 to play Saturday night. At that moment - dare we say it? - the Garden had a playoff-like feel to it.

"We ...