Ohio State Buckeyes defeat Minnesota Golden Gophers, 52-10

The Gophers have punted more often than every Big Ten team but Purdue.

But all the extra experience isn't paying off.

A problem that has nagged the Gophers all season got worse on Saturday night, when one punt was shanked for only 10 yards, another was blocked and a third was returned 70 yards to their 2-yard line in a 52-10 loss to Ohio State at TCF Bank Stadium.

The first two plays were turned into Ohio State touchdowns; a Buckeyes TD was averted after the third on...

Buried under a losing streak that's now two months long, the Gophers say they are still playing for the love of the game, for the challenge of competition, and who can say that it's not worth it? Those small, rewarding moments -- and yes, there were a few -- made bearable Saturday an otherwise contractually obligated 52-10 drubbing by Ohio State.

The Gophers gained more than 30 yards three times in their first six plays, offering the brief illusion of an evenly matched ...

Ohio State and Michigan played for the Big Ten championship on Nov. 25, 1950, in Columbus. The game was played in a blizzard and is known in the history of that great rivalry as the "Snow Bowl.''

There were 45 punts in the game, and Michigan won 9-3. Soon thereafter, Wes Fesler quit as the Buckeyes coach, and then wound up at Minnesota.

This was a stunning career move, since Fesler's Buckeyes had come into Memorial Stadium and clobbered the Gophers 48-0 in October 19...