Green Bay Packers defeat Detroit Lions, 28-26

Green Bay — If there's anything you can draw from the first few weeks of the season in the NFC North, it is that the dink-and-dunk offense can take you to the brink of victory.

It did for the Green Bay Packers at Chicago and it did for the Detroit Lions on Sunday at Lambeau Field.

The operative word, however, is brink.

On a beautiful fall day in front of a sun-soaked crowd of 70,729, the Packers felt it was fair play to perform the same kind of zone concept the Be...

Green Bay — The way that the Green Bay Packers ultimately subdued the Detroit Lions on a sunny Sunday at Lambeau Field was exhilarating, to say the least.

Charles Woodson, whose driving ambition is to play in another Super Bowl and win it, carried back an interception 48 yards for what proved to be the margin of victory. Then he stopped not one, not two, but three plays in a row to stifle the Lions' last gasp.

Meanwhile, John Kuhn, the National Football League's vers...

Green Bay — Being the bottom-line business it is, the NFL will not list the Green Bay Packers as 2½-1½ in the win-loss columns in the Week 4 standings.

Whether the Packers are a genuine 3-1 football team, well, that's an entirely different matter.

"It doesn't feel like it, does it?" Mike McCarthy said Sunday.

Honestly, coach, it does not.

Had you walked into the postgame interview room right about then with no knowledge of what had occurred during the previous ...

Green Bay — Our talent vs. your talent.

That's what it most often comes down to when two National Football League teams meet.

On Sunday, Charles Woodson's talent prevailed again.

The Green Bay Packers were perilously close to having their 19-game home winning streak against the Detroit Lions snapped at Lambeau Field, until Woodson decided enough was enough and put the game in his pocket.

He did it with a 48-yard interception return for a touchdown at the start ...