Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 8-4

For only the second time in 13 seasons, the Red Sox did not finish in first or second place in the American League East.

NESN, the team’s lucrative regional cable television network, has experienced an unprecedented drop in ratings. Seats at Fenway Park, once the toughest ticket in town, were being given away for much of the summer.

The offseason, which starts today, may be the most crucial since John Henry and his partners purchased the team in 2002. In a division t...

David Ortiz may have made baseball history yesterday when he received first a standing ovation and then a curtain call for a bunt single.

The slow-footed slugger beat the Yankees’ defensive shift in the sixth inning when he unexpectedly pushed the ball down the third base line to an unoccupied swath of grass.

He reached safely, was pulled for a pinch runner, and the ovation started. Ortiz tipped his helmet before ducking into the dugout. When the cheers grew louder, ...

Remember run prevention?

Your 2010 Red Sox made a whopping 60.8 percent more errors than the playoff-bound Yankees. The Red Sox finished 12th out of 14 American League teams in fielding percentage. The Sox made 42 more errors than the Yankees in 2010.

Talk all you want about injuries. The Sox sent 19 players to the disabled list, losing 1,013 man-games to broken bones and torn ligaments. The bottom line is that the 2010 game plan was flawed from the jump. You cannot ...