Boston Celtics defeat New York Knicks, 105-101

They’ll argue about it.

Doc Rivers will pad his numbers.

Rivers will look at Rajon Rondo’s 24-assist, 10-rebound, 10-point triple-double last night, lock in on the assists and say he had more.

“Let’s say 28,’’ Rivers said. “Let the fact-finders find it later.’’

Rondo will Google it. The score will be settled. Rondo will have bragging rights.

Rivers put up numbers in his day. With the Hawks, he dropped 22 assists on the Celtics in the 1988 playoffs. He had 21 in...

Rajon Rondo started the season with 26 assists in two games, but that didn’t satisfy coach Doc Rivers.

“He told me I could do a lot of things better,’’ Rondo said. “I could be here all day if I tell you what he told me.’’

Kevin Garnett had a double-double in the opener, and he pulled down 15 rebounds against the Cavaliers Wednesday, but Rivers wanted more.

“He wanted me to be a lot more aggressive and not be so passive,’’ Garnett said. “I’m adjusting. I know I’ve ...

After Wednesday’s debacle against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a game the Celtics admitted they took lightly and in which they began straying from team principles, Doc Rivers called a meeting yesterday morning to remind players of their roles.

During the first two games, certain veterans had been trying to relive their glory days, looking to score in the post, calling for the ball instead of positioning for a rebound, or creating their own defensive assignments.

Rivers r...