New York Knicks defeat Toronto Raptors, 98-93

TORONTO - The Knicks couldn't have picked a better place to start the season if David Stern had said, go ahead, it's your call.

With Chris Bosh playing in Miami, the Air Canada Centre is shaping up as the NBA's next graveyard. If the cupboard isn't bare, it's pretty empty.

Good teams will come here this season and absolutely roll through the Raptors, as if they're not even here. But the Knicks don't fit that description. They're hardly a team, and it showed in their ...

TORONTO - Amar'e Stoudemire wasn't going to make anyone forget about LeBron James. At least not yet.

But there was something different about the Knicks in Game No. 1 of the Stoudemire era Wednesday night that suggested this season's team will be better. The Knicks looked mentally and physically tougher than some of the recent clubs we've seen.

And yes, the opponent was only the doomed-for-failure Toronto Raptors, but considering what has transpired the last nine seas...