Wisconsin Badgers defeat Ohio State Buckeyes, 31-18

Madison — The beauty of the blueprint to upset No. 1 Ohio State was its simplicity.

Offensive linemen: Get a hat on a hat.

Running backs John Clay and James White: Keep your shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, hit the hole hard, keep your legs churning.

Offense: Win time of possession and keep the Buckeyes' potent offense off the field.

There was nothing fancy about it.

It was grind-it-out football, Wisconsin Badgers style. And it worked to perfection...

Madison — As much as any romanticist would prefer to apply a generous dose of magic to a lovely half moon hanging over a half-mad Camp Randall Stadium with the nation's No. 1 team in the house, magic didn't have anything to do with what happened on an otherwise enchanted Saturday night.

To beat great teams, and therefore dare to become great yourself, you've got to do the elemental things, like blocking and tackling.

You've got to pound the football behind a dominati...

Madison — America saw the Wisconsin football team coach Bret Bielema and his players envisioned back in preseason camp in August.

This was a team physically and mentally tough, relentless on defense and led by an offensive line that can open holes wide enough for 18-wheelers to fit through without resistance, even against a stout defensive front.

Led by that line and the tailback tandem of junior John Clay and freshman James White, No. 18 UW stunned top-ranked Ohio S...