Purdue Boilermakers defeat Minnesota Golden Gophers, 28-17

Adam Weber was a redshirt freshman and inside Glen Mason's football operation in 2006.

He has spent the next four years as Tim Brewster's starting quarterback. In that time, the Gophers have moved into a new on-campus stadium that was first proposed by Mason and celebrated as a great asset to the football program by Brewster.

On Sunday, it became official that Brewster was out as coach after three seasons and seven games. He was 15-30 in that time and became the first G...

WEST LAFAYETTE, IND. — Having blown through calamity, disappointment and despair, the Gophers finally descended into vaudeville on Saturday, into are-you-kidding-me misfortune and funny-hats-and-rubber-noses pratfalls. Two certain touchdowns were bollixed, a snap sailed into the stratosphere, and the bounce pass somehow became a staple of the playbook. All that was missing was a giant cane, yanking Tim Brewster off the stage and into ignominy.

Hold that thought.


"It will ultimately be my decision," AD Joel Maturi says.

The right man for the job is out there, if you know where to look.

Jeff Horton: "My sole job is to be the calming influence on this team."

The University of Minnesota shouldn't have much trouble attracting a gaggle of capable, effective coaching candidates to take over its football program. The job, after all, comes with a nice potential perk: immortality.

"If we go to the Rose Bowl," athletic director J...