Time Magazine names Rod Blagojevich #2 Elvis Impersonator

ORIGINAL LIST 1. Johnny Cash 2. Rod Blagojevich 3. Andy Kaufman 4. Shawn Klush 5. Young (Really Young) Elvis 6. Eric Bressi 7. Junichiro Koizumi 8. Pete (Big Elvis) Vallee 9. John Stamos 10. Bill Cherry

It¹s not quite the same as being named Time's "Man of the Year." But Rod Blagojevich just earned the distinction of being named the news magazine's No. 2 Elvis Presley impersonator.

The disgraced former governor finished behind Johnny Cash but ahead of Andy Kaufman.

And how is the man who once dreamed of being in the White House taking the news?

"The governor is honored to have been named to this list by TIME," said publicist Glenn Selig, spokesman for Gov. Blagojevich. "He loves Elvis and being associated with him in this way is a real thrill."