Minnesota Timberwolves defeat Indiana Pacers, 116-109

He has seen them work together in the starting lineup for 15 games now, and Kurt Rambis sounds convinced: Al Jefferson and Kevin Love, despite their similarities, can coexist.

But there's an asterisk with that opinion, the Timberwolves coach added: "The third person [in the frontcourt] is going to be critical."

That's because Jefferson and Love both stand 6-10, relatively small for an NBA center. Jefferson is filling that role for now, but most elite teams, Rambis po...

Their 15-point lead had melted to one, their opponent was bombing in baskets three points at a time, and their losing streak was about to stretch to six. And that's when Kurt Rambis noticed something that he hadn't seen in a while.

"Winner's confidence," said Rambis, who has witnessed countless Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal heroics. "The confidence that you're going to make the plays to get yourself a win."

Bet you thought Kevin Garnett took Minneso...