Snoop Dogg Eyes Susan Boyle Collaboration

Proving that he'll work with just about anyone to make a hit, Snoop Dogg has announced a particularly popular female vocalist he'd like to work with.

As Rap-Up points out, the weed-brained rapper recently said he'd love to collaborate with British sensation Susan Boyle.

Speaking with E!, Snoop simply said of working with Boyle, “If you set the studio session up, I’d do that.” Better yet, there'd be little risk of a sexual harassment suit after.

The timing for this proposed change in direction couldn't be better, as one of Snoop's long-time producers, Shawty Redd, was recently arrested on a murder charge. According to various reports compiled at The Daily Swarm, Redd got into an argument with an unnamed man at his Atlanta home on New Year's Day. Fearing his life was in danger, Redd shot the man and killed him.

Besides being short one producer, Snoop has already proven his status as a favourite amongst middle-aged house wives. For further proof, consult the recent Martha Stewart video below. That's the sort of charm that would make a Boyle collaboration work wonders on the charts.