Toronto Raptors defeat New York Knicks, 106-104

Raptors 106, Knicks 104 And you thought David Lee not making the All-Star team hurt.

Thursday night, there was nothing more painful than seeing Lee butcher a potential go-ahead layup as the Knicks self-destructed in the final 99 seconds, blowing a five-point lead and losing, 106-104, to the ever-improving Toronto Raptors at the Garden.

"When you have a team down five you need to execute and put the game away," Lee said. "That's what we're still lacking."

The Kn...

The Knicks got another All-Star effort from David Lee Thursday night, with numbers to match, except his 29 points and 18 rebounds wound up in the wrong place once again.

They went into the loss column.

Lee's got the numbers to be an All-Star, except when it comes to the only ones that matter: Wins.

By frittering away a five-point lead in the final 1:47 in their crushing 106-104 loss to the Toronto Raptors at the Garden, the Knicks collected their 27th loss in 45 g...