Haiti is Hit by 4.9 Magnitude Earthquake Aftershock 40 Miles West of Port-au-Prince

Haiti has had at least 51 sizable aftershocks.

Quakes of magnitude 4.9 and 4.8 followed in quick succession just before noon this past Thursday. This forced rescue crews to briefly abandon work on precarious, ruined buildings, though there were no reports of additional casualties or damage.

Time is precious and their pulverized infrastructure urgently needs help. The country needs to be rebuilt to provide clean water, food, shelter and electricity.

The report was issued at the end of a day of aftershocks that jolted survivors of the quake. The first, with a magnitude of 4.9, occurred around 11:45 am with its epicentre 30 miles west of the already stricken capital Port-au-Prince. Nine minutes later, a 4.8 magnitude tremor hit, 15 miles closer to the capital.