Dallas Mavericks defeat New York Knicks, 128-78

If only Jason Kidd had accepted $7 million less than what the Dallas Mavericks offered, the Knicks' point guard problem would be solved.

Kidd, though, ran to the money and so the position remains a glaring weakness on Mike D'Antoni's team, except the head coach doesn't see it that way.

"(Chris) Duhon's only problem," D'Antoni said with a straight face, "is he can't make a shot right now."

That's a little like saying the only problem last week with San Diego Charge...

At least the Isiah Thomas Knicks had the decency to fall behind by 52 points on the road.

Mike D'Antoni's team made history Sunday and apparently wanted its own fans to witness it in person.

The Knicks suffered the worst home defeat in their history by losing, 128-78, to the Dallas Mavericks at the Garden. Dallas, playing without Jason Kidd, thoroughly outclassed and outworked the Knicks and the final score proved it. The Mavs led by 53 in the fourth quarter en route...