New Orleans Hornets defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 96-94

Jonny Flynn opened a two-day defensive midterm on Friday, facing Hornets All-Star point guard Chris Paul one day before matching up with Milwaukee rookie Brandon Jennings.

It's a good test of how far Flynn has come as a defender in just half a season, his coach said.

"Jonny's made huge strides. When we go back and look at games from the beginning of the year, he's much better," said Wolves coach Kurt Rambis. "Not only his on-ball defense but his off-ball awareness ha...

Think it's easy coaching these danger-to-themselves Timberwolves? Listen to what Kurt Rambis emphasized in the team's final huddle Friday night.

"We talked about them doing exactly what they did," Jonny Flynn said candidly after the Wolves' 96-94 loss to New Orleans. "We didn't want them to. So we talked about not letting them do that."

Oops. By "that," Flynn meant allowing the Hornets to run the exact same play that beat Minnesota the last time the Hornets visited T...