Poll Shows Republican Candidate Lead in Massachussetts Senate Race in Vote that Could Threaten Health Care Reform

Democrats envisioned a smooth passing of the baton in the January 19 special election to fill the seat of the late Edward Kennedy, a political giant who died of brain cancer in August after holding the seat for 46 years.

A victory would maintain the Democrats' 60-seat Senate majority, allowing them to overcome Republican procedural hurdles that could block reform of the $2.5 trillion healthcare sector, Obama's top legislative priority.

The news Web site The Daily Caller is reporting Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown has raised at least $1 million every day this week, the bulk of which came from online donations.

The report published yesterday cites “knowledgeable sources.” Brown spokesman Felix Browne issued the following statement about the report to the Herald: “Thanks to an outpouring of grassroots support, we have the ability to pay our bills and get our message out. We’ll report our finances at the appropriate time.” Brown is locked in a tight race with his Democratic rival Attorney General Martha Coakley heading into the special U.S. Senate election on Tuesday.