Some Minnesota Schools Ban Live Airing of President Obama's Address to School Children

A presidential speech next week to the nation's students is causing Minnesota districts to scramble to figure out how - or whether - to show it.

One logistical issue that especially affects Minnesota schools is that Tuesday is the first day of school for most districts, and the speech is scheduled at 11 a.m. (and be aired on C-SPAN and the White House website). It's also around lunchtime, when many students are on the move.

Some Minnesota superintendents have banned the live airing of President Obama’s back-to-school speech next week, but the Minneapolis school district is telling parents that teachers will be allowed to show the address. “Such speeches by any sitting president are worthy of Americans’ time, attention and consideration,” the district said Friday afternoon via robocall to student home phones. Obama will encourage students to take learning seriously, the official statement continues: “Motivating students to achieve success in and through education is not a controversial issue.”