US Senate candidate Mark Kirk holds health care town hall meeting in Northbrook, IL

At his health care townhall in Northbrook today, GOP Rep.

and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk received an off-topic question regarding his support earlier this summer for the House climate bill (which would curb carbon emissions via a cap-and-trade system). In response, Kirk reiterated that he would vote to oppose the bill as a senator because, beyond the North Shore congressional district he currently represents, "we are overwhelmingly a manufacturing, agriculture and coal state."

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk hosts a health care town hall meeting in Northbrook. He's expected to dump on the Democratic health care plans and talk about what he wants to see. With Kirk tackling the thorny topic that's currently dominating the national political scene, it'll be interesting to see whether potential Democratic U.S. Senate opponents decide to take shots at Kirk or keep quiet.