Colorado Rockies defeat St. Louis Cardinals, 2-1

DENVER - The Cardinals made history Friday night.

They scored with Chris Carpenter on the mound. The rest would have to wait.

Poised to clinch their seventh outright division title under manager Tony La Russa, the Cardinals remained stuck in low gear offensively behind Chris Carpenter, leaving their Cy Young Award candidate with a no-decision and themselves with a 2-1 loss to the wild-card-crazy Colorado Rockies.

The loss deprived the Cardinals of a division clinch. ...

DENVER - If Saturday night was all about clubhouse bacchanalia, then Sunday afternoon at Coors Field must have been The Day After.

No longer chasing a win to clinch the National League Central, the Cardinals began the sometimes ungainly process of negotiating the remainder of their schedule without suffering serious injury while simultaneously refusing to roll over during someone else's playoff push.

Because of shortstop Brendan Ryan's ill-fated sixth-inning bunt att...