Rod Blagojevich is on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart

Rod Blagojevich's stranger-than-fiction tour through America's media landscape reached a new milestone Thursday night as he appeared on "The Daily Show" to profess his innocence, flog his memoir and trade zingers with the show's host, Jon Stewart.

Blagojevich repeated several times during the 10-minute edited interview that a full airing of the FBI recordings -- the ones that made "(bleep)ing golden" a fixture of the national lexicon -- would show he was only looking out for the people of Illinois when he discussed what could be gotten in exchange for President Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat.

"Would a guilty man say, 'Listen to all the tapes,' or would an innocent man say, 'Here are the tapes?' My accusers won't let you hear them," the former Illinois governor said.

"I mean no disrespect," Stewart replied. "People can convince themselves of a lot of things."

On last night's The Daily Show, Rod Blagojevich sat down to talk to Jon Stewart about the charges against him, the incriminating tapes made of his conversations, and more. Blagojevich's basic argument is that he did attempt to trade President Barack Obama's Senate seat for something, but he was trying to trade it for public policy victories for the people of his state. Stewart had a little bit of trouble with this claim. As they sometimes do, Comedy Central has posted the full interview, which you can watch (there are three parts) after the jump.

Be advised: This is the uncut version of this interview, and in return for substantially more content, there is a lot of language that was bleeped on the broadcast and is not bleeped here. So if you don't want to hear both of these guys drop some F-bombs (as well as some other things), consider yourself warned.

In Jon Stewart v. Rod Blagojevich, who won? All I can say is that Bonnie Hunt was much, much tougher in calling Blago on his schtick.

I suppose Stewart was being ironic at times, but I can tell you that Blagojevich did not pick up on it.

"I'm not cynical," said Stewart. "I'm skeptical. I've been hurt before. But I'm not cynical. I want to believe you."

Then: "You are a charming dude with the best head of hair I've ever f------ seen. So I want this to be real."

Then he offers to apologize to Blago publicly if he should be vindicated. He also says he would hug him.

"You are Richard Jewell," Stewart says. "I mean it. If this is true..."

"Is that the Atlanta guy? Is that who that is?" asked Blago.

Blago did admit to the swear words. That's about it. Is anyone else out there as convinced as Stewart after reading the book?