Minnesota Twins defeat Chicago White Sox, 8-6

CHICAGO - The answer to your question is no.

The Twins can't go to a four-man rotation over the final two weeks of the season.

That could mean two more outings for rookie righthander Jeff Manship. It could mean the return of lefthander Francisco Liriano. Twins manger Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson might come up with someone else.

On Tuesday, the Twins were thankful their playoff push didn't suffer because of another poor start by Manship. They slugge...

CHICAGO - The dreams weren't so sweet for Twins outfielder Denard Span on Monday night.

"I had a couple flashbacks of what happened," he's said.

And he wasn't 100 percent when he ventured out of the team hotel in downtown Chicago to grab lunch.

"Definitely a little foggy," he said.

One day after Randy Williams' fastball hit him in the back of his helmet, Span experienced occasional headaches and could still feel where the ball hit him. It was a no-brainer to ke...