Cincinnati Bengals defeat Green Bay Packers, 31-24

Brett Favre has another NFL record.

Favre started Sunday for the 271st straight time in the regular season and threw two touchdown passes to help the Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions.

"Today was really not a whole lot different than last week or last year," said Favre, who turns 40 next month. "Every game I play at this point, I'm pretty grateful. I know how difficult it is."

Defensive end Jim Marshall had the previous mark, starting 270 games in a row for...

Green Bay — Special teams, which dragged the Green Bay Packers down in two of the last three seasons, were as bad if not worse Sunday in a 31-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau Field.

Allowing two long punt returns, committing five penalties and not getting very good punting combined to make it a depressing afternoon for Mike McCarthy.

"We didn't play very well offensively, we didn't play very well defensively and we didn't play very well on special teams,"...

Green Bay — Every Thursday, the Green Bay Packers practice their 2-minute drill, and more often than not they complete a long pass that requires them to spike the ball to stop the clock with seconds remaining.

On Sunday, they got a chance to do it when it counts.

Pushing the limits of what they consider the amount of time it takes to complete a 25-yard pass and get downfield to snap the ball before the clock runs out, the Packers were in position to take one shot at ...

Green Bay — It's safe to say it's been awhile since Lambeau Field had seen the kind of individual pass-rushing performance that Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom had Sunday.

Odom became the first opponent to collect five sacks in a game at Lambeau since they became an official statistic for the 1982 season.

"Obviously that is a great individual performance that doesn't happen very often in the NFL," said Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, after his team's 31-24 v...