Emory University Sequesters Students with Flu-Like Symptoms in an Attempt to Avoid Swine Flu Outbreak

Officials with Emory University in Atlanta say around 50 students with swine flu have been moved to a separate dorm.

Those students are not attending classes and school workers are bringing them food.

An Emory spokesman says the goal is to keep the students separate while they recover. All students are there on a voluntary basis, and have his or her own room in the dorm.

Swine flu is spreading more quickly in the U.S. Southeast, where schools started back earlier than in other areas after the summer break, a U.S. health official said on Wednesday.

The pandemic H1N1 influenza virus has been active since March but officials have seen a clear "uptick" in activity in some areas in recent weeks, Dr. Anne Schuchat of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told reporters.