Rod Blagojevich's guest seat from Jimmy Kimmel Live Show sells for $10,200 on Ebay

Rod Blagojevich sold a seat for $10,200.


After 67 bids, some fool and his money was his money was parted when the person purchesed the guest seat from the set of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in which the behinds of Blagojevich, Shaq, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington have all rested.

It's the mystery no FBI recording will likely solve.

Just who promised to pay $10,200 for a seat once sat in by former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

An eBay auction for the chair where Blagojevich sat during the Sept. 10 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ended early Friday, with the winning bidder after 67 bids listed as "n★★★i."

Kimmel suggested the auction as a prank playing off the allegation that the former governor tried to sell Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat, and the show listed the chair for auction later that night.

Stars including Shaquille O'Neal, Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise also previously sat on the chair, which Blagojevich signed before it was put up for sale.

But like so many things involving Blagojevich, the winning bidder's identity is shrouded in intrigue.

It wasn't a Senate seat, but Rod Blagojevich sold it nonetheless.

A chair from the set of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" signed by the impeached former governor fetched $10,200 on eBay Thursday night after a week-long auction that saw 67 bids.

Last Thursday, while Blagojevich was on Kimmel's show to plug his new book, the host offered to let his guest sell the chair he was sitting in, describing it as a great money-making scheme that was at the least legal, even if it wasn't exactly ethical.

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