Minnesota Twins defeat Cleveland Indians, 5-4

The approach during the post-Justin Morneau stage of the schedule is to not wear red T-shirts in the clubhouse, not start rooting for the Vancouver Canucks and not try to be a 30-home run hitter.

Well, it might be OK to look the part. The trap is for Twins players to think they have to produce like Morneau did before a stress fracture in his lower back knocked him out for the rest of the season.

"Baseball is baseball," said Michael Cuddyer, who will take over for Mor...

Right now, it looks like a chronic issue for the Twins.

For the past three seasons, Justin Morneau has been among the most dangerous hitters in the American League, only to wear down and hit a wall.

Morneau, 28, has battled back problems and gained praise for playing through pain. This week, he realized he could have done long-term damage by unwittingly playing with a stress fracture in his lower back.

"He needs the time off so he doesn't jeopardize his career," T...

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has had discussions with General Manager Bill Smith about calling up minor leaguers to replace injured players.

Nothing's happening, for now. And Gardenhire sounded a little unhappy about it.

"Was there any talk? Yes," Gardenhire said. "Was there any talk squelched? Yes. End of story. Squelched."

First baseman Justin Morneau (stress fracture in his lower back), third baseman Joe Crede (stiff back) and outfielder/first baseman Justin Hu...