University of Illinois student-faculty Senate vote to oust President B. Joseph White and Chancellor Richard Herman

The University of Illinois campus community has spoken, and it didn't mince words.

In a 98 to 55 vote, members of the faculty-student Senate for the Urbana-Champaign campus said they do not want to work for President B. Joseph White and Chancellor Richard Herman.

The verdict from the campus leaders: White and Herman must be replaced.

In a carefully worded resolution, the Senate ticked off its reasons: The president and chancellor share responsibility for a shadow admissions system that favored applicants with political connections. The university's reputation and its resources have taken big hits as a result. Simply fixing the admissions process, without changes at the top, won't repair the damage.

Right on all counts.

The Urbana faculty/student senate voted Monday to support an "orderly transition" removing University of Illinois President B. Joseph White and Chancellor Richard Herman from office, in a resolution that blamed them for a scandal in admissions.

The senate voted 98-55 in favor of the historic resolution, after flirting with an alternative version that didn't mention White and Herman and called for greater consultation with the trustees.

The resolution, which is nonbinding, goes on to the governor and the UI Board of Trustees.

Senate Executive Committee Chairwoman Joyce Tolliver insisted the vote was not a "no-confidence" vote, calling it instead a nuanced statement that includes steps toward an orderly transition.