New York Yankees defeat Los Angeles Angels, 5-3

In a mostly suspense-less September, this was a night to whet your appetite for October.

The Yankees and Angels played a tight, chess match of a ballgame, the kind to make you hope that this is the matchup we get for the ALCS.

I know, I know, the Angels have been the Yankees' worst nightmare for years. Most fans probably would rather take their chances with the Red Sox, if it comes to that. I'm just talking about styles. The Yanks and the Sox seem to get into a lot of m...

Perhaps a postseason meeting with the Angels wouldn't be such a disaster for the Yankees after all.

For the better part of this decade, the Angels have been the one team the Yankees have been unable to figure out, from a pair of first-round playoff knockouts in 2002 and '05 through their humiliating three-game sweep in Anaheim to end the first half this year.

With a potential ALCS showdown looming, the Yankees made a statement Monday night against the Halos with a 5-...