Minnesota Vikings defeat Cleveland Browns, 34-20

Brian Billick was the offensive coordinator for maybe the most talented offense in Vikings history.

On Sunday, he might have gotten a chance to see a team with the personnel to challenge that 1998 team.

That was Billick, who went on to win the Super Bowl as coach of the Baltimore Ravens, doing color commentary for Fox on the telecast of the Vikings' 34-20 victory at Cleveland on Sunday.

And Billick, a great student of the game, talked about three of the great offensi...

CLEVELAND - Percy Harvin saw Brett Favre sprinting toward him, but he didn't quite know what to do.

"I thought we were going to bump chests," Harvin said. "I looked at him and saw he wasn't slowing down at all."

Favre scrapped the popular chest bump -- do 39-year-old quarterbacks even know how to execute one? -- and went straight old-school celebration. Favre celebrated Harvin's first career touchdown in a 34-20 victory against the Cleveland Browns by tackling the ro...