Wisconsin Badgers defeat Fresno State Bulldogs, 34-31

Madison — Experimentation, apparently, has its place.

If there was one thing that could be gleaned from Bret Bielema's news conference Saturday afternoon, it was that the University of Wisconsin may play two quarterbacks, but there is significant distance between Nos. 1 and 2.

With practice shortened last week as a flu bug spread throughout the team, the coaching staff decided to put all its eggs in one basket and handed it to junior quarterback Scott Tolzien, who to...

Madison — This, University of Wisconsin football fans, is how you steal a victory from a determined Fresno State team led by a fiery coach and skill players whose talent would fit in just fine in the Big Ten Conference.

This is how you overcome a running game that was anemic except for about two plays, a depleted secondary that was beaten underneath and over the top from the first quarter to the fourth, and a series of penalties Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium that con...

Madison — At some point, the law of averages just had to catch up with Fresno State.

All game, the Bulldogs had their way with the University of Wisconsin secondary. They beat UW with the short pass, then took some shots deep and spent the rest of the day mixing the two to keep the Badgers off-balance.

It seemed like a recipe for success, but in a sweet twist of irony for UW fans, the same unit that was on track to be the goat Saturday saved the day.