Oakland Athletics defeat Minnesota Twins, 4-2

The Twins bullpen, an area of concern since early last year, looks a little better right now.

Twins relievers began the day ranked ninth in the AL with a 4.17 ERA, but manager Ron Gardenhire has been pleased with recent results.

"We struggled early out of the bullpen,'' Gardenhire said, "but I think good things have happened.''

He mentioned righthander Matt Guerrier, who was skewered by fans a year ago but has been the eighth-inning savior this season.

Poor off...

When the Twins woke up Saturday morning, they already trailed.

President Obama was preparing to speak at Target Center. The Gophers were about to christen TCF Bank Stadium. No. 4 was a day away from his regular-season debut with the Vikings. Where do you think the sputtering Twins ranked among those interesting events?

Then first baseman Justin Morneau offered a disturbing view of the state of Twins baseball -- and why, perhaps, the team is on the back burner of the ...