Minnesota Golden Gophers defeat Air Force Falcons, 20-13

TCF Stadium is a beautiful place, although it's probably a bit of overkill on the history stuff to have multiple banners trumpeting three Music City Bowls, two Sun Bowls and a Micronpc.com Bowl from atop the upper deck.

But, hey, that's nitpicky stuff.

Sort of like the failure to deliver on the decades-long promise that the University of Minnesota marching band would strut down University Avenue in its maroon-and-gold glory if the Gophers ever made it back on campus....

It took 28 years for the Gophers to make it back to campus. Nearly three decades, more than a generation. But it only took 93 seconds for the Gophers to turn a dud into a dandy.

That’s how long it took for 50,805 fans at brand-spanking-new TCF Bank Stadium to go from “oh, no” to “oh, yes,” for the Gophers offense to kick into gear and for the defense to start kicking butt.

Thanks for your patience.

The Gophers beat a very precise and very pesky Air Force team 20-1...