Bonnie Hunt grills Rod Blagojevich on her show

Rod Blagojevich may have launched an aggressive media blitz for his new book this week, but it's Chicago-born actress Bonnie Hunt who gets credit for the sack.

The comedian, whose program is known for its typically sunny tone, grilled the former governor on Friday's episode of "The Bonnie Hunt Show" as she urged him to stop blaming others for his impeachment and indictment. In arguably the toughest TV interview of his book tour, Hunt also asked why no one is sticking up for him if he's innocent.

The toughest television interview of Rod Blagojevich's current media blitz comes from the most unlikely of places.

Comedian Bonnie Hunt urged the former governor to take responsibility for his actions and stop blaming others for his impeachment and subsequent criminal indictment during a Thursday taping of "The Bonnie Hunt Show," which aired at 2 p.m. today on WMAQ-Ch. 5. (View clips below.)

In the interview, which airs this afternoon, Hunt calls Blagojevich a "smooth operator." She says after reading his book, The Governor, "I would describe you as a perpetual victim of circumstance. Could that possibly be true?"

Hunt also asks him whether his position of power ever tempted him to exchange the Senate seat for personal gain, if he accepts any responsibility for mistakes that he has made and why there aren't more people coming to his defense if he is truly innocent.

Blagojevich tells her, "They're lying. These are false accusations and there are taped conversations that will set the record straight. That's the truth. I'm the one that wants you all to hear them. My accusers don't. Now what does that tell you?"