Detroit Tigers defeat Minnesota Twins, 8-7

DETROIT - Twins pitcher Glen Perkins said Sunday that a recent talk with his agent convinced him to have an MRI exam on his left shoulder.

Perkins told the Twins he wanted the MRI, for precautionary reasons, after pitching an inning of relief in Saturday's 11-0 victory over the Tigers.

"I'm not going to question it," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "That's what they want to do, go do it, and we'll move on. Something might be wrong. Make sure it's not."

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DETROIT - For a fleeting moment Sunday, the American League Central race was fun again for the Twins, its challenges seeming less insurmountable.

After overcoming Justin Verlander on Saturday, the Twins jumped to a three-run lead against Tigers newcomer Jarrod Washburn.

Michael Cuddyer drilled a 428-foot homer, and Delmon Young hit Washburn's next pitch even further, into the center-field camera well, an estimated 438 feet from home plate.

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