California 66 Revue - Fairfield, CT stop

The second show of the tour was part of a three band benefit concert for WPKN-FM public radio at the Quick Center, on the campus of Fairfield University.

Bronx rock legends the Blues Magoos led off with a solid set, capped off by their hits "We Ain't Got Nothing Yet" and "Tobacco Road." I spoke to front man Peppy Castro on the phone a couple of times, and he introduced himself to me before the show. A helluva nice guy. Last week, I asked him if he needed anything to supplement the backline we were providing. "No," Peppy replied. "We'll just plug our guitars into whatever you have." The Magoos would sound great if they plugged into my Ipod.

The Electric Prunes, who closed the show, are a bit more demanding. James Lowe and Mark Tulin are fabulous musicians and songwriters, and the Prunes are the only band from the 1960s who are putting out better new music now than then. Steve DiConstanzo and Eric Cocks at WPKN-FM recognize this and play the Prunes' new stuff, which was the impetus for the benefit. The Prunes also are maddenly perfectionist, and they allowed a less than perfect sound system get inside their head. A set that started strongly with "Long Days Flight" and "Little Olive" deteriorated into less than what it should have been, and included a mid-set backstage encounter between Lowe and a promoter involved with the show.

In the middle position, Love played another strong set. Because of time constraints, "Revelation" was dropped from the set list. Johnny Echols reported not being able to hear Mike Randle's guitar, so his leads weren't as sharp as at Maxwell's, but still were greatly appreciated. Mike picked up the slack and (for you hockey fans) was the Number One Star. Number Two was Dave Green, who got to play off of a riser, giving his drums a more explosive quality (and also giving Randle a prop to jump up and down from).

I'm looking forward to the Middle East in Cambridge, MA tomorrow and a full set.

August 5th Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's
August 6th Fairfield, CT Quick Center, WPKN-FM benefit concert
August 7th Cambridge, MA Middle East
August 9th New York, NY BB King's
August 11th Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
August 12th Chicago, IL Double Door
August 14th Toronto, ON Lee's Palace
August 16th Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
August 18th Washington, DC Velvet