Minnesota Twins defeat Cleveland Indians, 10-1

CLEVELAND - At 4-10 with a 5.56 ERA, Francisco Liriano just shook his head and sighed Tuesday when asked how frustrating it's been.

The Twins lefthander has fallen hard since going 12-3 as a rookie in 2006, or even last year, when he returned from Tommy John ligament surgery and went 6-1 with a 2.74 ERA over the final two months.

"You have to be mentally ready for a year like this," Liriano said. "This has been very tough for me."

But it's that time of year again,...

CLEVELAND - Hard to say what the Twins enjoyed more Tuesday night: Padding their statistics or browsing a schedule that shows 11 more games against this dismantled Cleveland squad.

Detroit and Chicago, the teams the Twins are chasing in the American League Central, each has only six more cracks at the Indians, who turned the July 31 trade deadline into a clearance sale.

After a humiliating weekend against the Angels, the Twins needed a laugher and got it with a 10-1 ...