New York Yankees defeat Chicago White Sox, 8-3

Joba Chamberalin had thrown only 35 pitches after the third inning Sunday and Joe Girardi liked Chamberlain's aggressiveness and how the pitcher worked quickly.

In any other corner of the baseball world, this would've been perhaps the midpoint of a developing pitcher's afternoon.

But in Yankeeland, the Joba Rules, well, rule.

As part of the Yanks' plan to protect the precious Chamberlain, the righthander was finished, replaced by Alfredo Aceves for the fourth inning....

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen didn't recall much about Joba Chamberlain before his team faced the Yankees yesterday afternoon.

"We've never seen him as a starter. We saw him as a reliever last year," Guillen said. "I don't remember that much about him."

Obviously, Chamberlain didn't leave a lasting impression on the irascible Guillen last season. And Chamberlain didn't stick around long enough Sunday to leave an indelible imprint, either. In a sense it was like an ...