Firas Alkhateeb Identified as Creator of 'Obama Joker' Image

A 20-year-old college history major of Palestinian descent who supported Rep.

Dennis Kucinich's presidential candidacy is the anonymous artist who turned a Time magazine cover photo of Barack Obama into the nefarious Joker of the Batman series, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Firas Alkhateeb was home in Chicago on his winter break from the University of Illinois when he toyed around with Photoshop to come up with the image. He posted it to the picture site Flickr for friends to see his artwork, the paper reported.

Firas Alkhateed is a 20-year-old college student who doesn't particularly like Obama but is not exactly a flaming right-wing nut case. He didn't vote in last fall's election because he figured it was pointless voting against Obama in a state he figured to easily carry (and did).

Alkhateed merely used Photoshop to doctor an image of the cover of Time magazine and posted the result to his Flickr account (which has since been removed over copyright concerns). The image actually didn't draw much interest until a mystery person downloaded it, removed the Time furniture and added the word "socialism" underneath Obama's likeness.