Minnesota Twins defeat Kansas City Royals, 7-1

Righthander Jeff Manship landed in the Twin Cities on Wednesday and arrived at the Dome ready to help if lefthander Francisco Liriano struggles.

"I'll probably stay in that role for a while, while I'm here," Manship said.

The Twins haven't let go of their playoff hopes -- and they shouldn't. But Manship, like Anthony Swarzak, represents the future of Twins pitching.

A 14th-round pick out of Notre Dame in 2006, Manship has made steady progress through the Twins' fa...

Francisco Liriano was on the mound Wednesday. The Twins had used four relievers the night before.

That called for contingency plans.

Given the way Liriano's season has gone and how the Twins pitching staff has done since the All-Star break, it's surprising that General Manager Bill Smith didn't call emergency organizational meetings to go over all the doomsday scenarios surrounding Wednesday's game.

But it wasn't another laborious night. Just when it seemed like L...