New York Yankees defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 7-5

It was a no-doubter. When Jorge Posada connected in the bottom of the eighth inning Tuesday night, Yankee fan Alan Ott knew where the home run ball was going to end up.

"I knew it was coming to me right away," said Ott, 57, an amateur softball player who was sitting in the front row of the Stadium's homer-happy right field porch.

"I played the outfield all my life."

So Ott set his peanuts aside, put on his glove, reached across and watched with satisfaction as ...

It had been so long, Phil Coke did a double take as the ball traveled over the fence. When Mariano Rivera gave up that solo shot to the Blue Jays' Edwin Encarnacion in the ninth inning, it was the first run the Yankee closer had allowed in almost two months.

It was almost as if Rivera was human, Coke said, before shaking that idea out of his head. "But, I still don't believe he's really human," said the lefthanded reliever. "He's too good. You know it's just not going t...

As far as the Blue Jays are concerned, credit the Stadium architects with another assist.

Toronto reliever Jesse Carlson had no problem tipping his cap to Hideki Matsui, who launched a full-count fastball deep into the right-field bleachers and tied things up in the eighth inning Tuesday night.

What he couldn't understand was his 2-1 slider to Jorge Posada, who went back-to-back with Matsui but whose fly ball barely cleared the right field wall, giving the Yankees a ...