Arizona Diamondbacks defeat New York Mets, 7-4

PHOENIX - Mike Pelfrey left newborn son Chase Michael back in New York and reported for work at Chase Field.

His euphoric week didn't continue.

Four days after the birth of his first child, Pelfrey was roughed up by the Diamondbacks. A sloppy effort by the Mets that included Angel Pagan misplaying a ball in center field and Daniel Murphy not covering first base resulted in a 7-4 loss to Arizona Monday night.

Afterward, Jerry Manuel met individually with players to ex...

PHOENIX - David Wright, who has started all but one game for the Mets this season, is due for a day off Tuesday. Jerry Manuel concluded he could no longer ride the worn-down Wright, who went 1-for-3 in the Mets' 7-4 loss to the Diamondbacks Monday night.

Wright typically fights such decisions, but not this time.

"I think it will help me," Wright said. "This has been quite a grind mentally and physically."

SHEFF STIRS: Gary Sheffield had a pinch-hit flyout in his f...