Ayatollah Khamenei Decries Western 'Lies' DepictiIng Iranian Protesters as 'Rioters'

(CNN) -- Iran's supreme leader blamed enemies and outsiders on Monday for the turmoil that followed last month's presidential elections, according to an Iranian news agency.

To a gathering in Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Western governments of having "clearly meddled in the internal affairs of Iran" and the American and European media of depicting Iranians "as rioters," according to Fars News Agency.

He warned that meddling from presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers would hurt those nations' relations with Iran, according to Fars.

He said Iranians would see through the "lies" of Western governments and "know that your objective is to create doubt amongst them and propagate hate against the system of the Islamic Republic."

While "disappointment and sorrow" from voters when their candidate lost the June 12 election was "natural," Khamenei said, he condemned involvement by "outsiders" in the civil unrest that gripped the country after the balloting.