Three Americans Allegedly on a Hiking Trip Detained in Iran after Crossing Border from Iraq

Reporting from Baghdad -- Three Americans who apparently strayed across the Iranian border while on a hiking trip in the northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan are in Iranian custody, that country's state-run television reported Saturday.

The Arabic-language Al Alam station quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying the Americans, two men and a woman, were detained after they ignored warnings from border guards and crossed into Iran in a remote mountainous area about 55 miles northeast of the Kurdish town of Sulaymaniya.

Three U.S. citizens disappeared Friday in an area on the border between Iran and Iraq's semiautonomous Kurdish region, an Iraqi security official said.

The Americans could have been arrested by Iranian security forces after crossing the border at Tawila and Biayar, a small town that is known as a tourist destination and is about 55 miles northeast of the region's second biggest city, Sulaymaniyah.