Eleventh meeting of Illinois Admissions Review Committee

Certainly we shouldn't give them a pass.”

— Zaldwaynaka Scott, Admissions Commissioner


I. Call to order and introductory remarks
II. Public testimony / Discussion
III. Concluding remarks and adjournment

The panel investigating University of Illinois admissions on Friday seconded Chairman Abner Mikva's call for trustees to offer their resignations to the governor. Further, commissioners said, top UI administrators will not receive a "free pass" for their involvement in the so-called "Category I" scandal.

Mikva, a one-time federal judge and congressman, had said Thursday that he would like to see all UI trustees submit their resignations and allow Gov. Pat Quinn to decide whether any of them will remain on the board. The commissioners on Friday agreed with Mikva, except Maribeth Vander Weele, a corporate investigator and a former reporter.

She said not all of the trustees were involved in influencing the admissions process or knew that it was happening.