Tenth meeting of the Illinois Admissions Review Committee

Agenda I. Call to order and introductory remarks II. Public Testimony A. Tom Livingston, University of Illinois Alumni Association B. Sen. Kwame Raoul C. Joseph Flaherty, Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine D. Sen. Chris Lauzen

When George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich governed the state, the University of Illinois Alumni Association extended its hand "to offer ourselves as a resource," for selecting university trustees. But the administrations apparently did not reach out to the association, according to one alumnus.

The alumni association used to have a good relationship with the governor's office in the slating of members for the UI Board of Trustees, said Tom Livingston, a member of the association's executive committee. But for the last two administrations, that relationship was "lights out," Livingston, also a former Chief Illiniwek, testified Wednesday before the state commission looking into claims that trustees, politicians and donors may have pressured admission of some applicants to the University of Illinois.

That relationship, however, did change when Pat Quinn became governor earlier this year.

"The alumni association is pleased with how it worked with Governor Quinn earlier this year on his selection of the newest trustee," Livingston said. "He really did work with us," on the appointment of trustee Ed McMillan. Quinn appointed McMillan to the board in March.