Ninth Meeting of the Illinois Admissions Review Committee

Agenda I. Call to order and introductory remarks II. Public Testimony A. Tom Livingston, University of Illinois Alumni Association B. Sen. Kwame Raoul C. Sen Chris Lauzen III. Discussion IV. Concluding Remarks

University of Illinois President B. Joseph White says he would "never knowingly violate" state ethics law.

The statement came in response to a member of the Illinois Admissions Commission asking about his interest in a relative getting in to the UI.

Saying the student had "stellar" test scores, White said, "I've spent my whole career recruiting top talent to my university." He added the student was "one of those nerdy guys who invent YouTube. He was a catch."

Two former University of Illinois presidents called for a dramatic change in the university board of trustees, including removing some of its members and changing the way trustees are chosen.

In the last decade, the board has become more political, more involved in management of the university and has come to view the university more like a state agency instead of an institution of higher education, said former UI presidents James Stukel and Stan Ikenberry, testifying Monday before the Illinois Admissions Review Commission.

The commission, created by Gov. Pat Quinn, is charged with investigating claims that trustees, politicians and donors exerted pressure on admissions cases. Monday was the first time the commission, which has interviewed several university trustees and administrators since June, met on campus.