President Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting in Ohio to Discuss Health Care Reform

Mr. Obama plans a primetime news conference on health care Wednesday night, and Thursday he will take Air Force One to Cleveland.

He’ll take a private tour of the Cleveland Clinic—closed even to media—and then head to Shaker Heights High School for a mid-afternoon town hall meeting on the nation’s health care system. Tickets to the public event are available through a lottery system at the White House’s website.

Shaker Heights Resident Jim Schuerger says, "I like him a lot. I think this is a chance to get some decent healthcare reform. If he comes to Shaker, great!"

When asked why the President chose Shaker Heights as the site for his town-hall meeting, Mayor Earl Leiken said, "My understanding is that somebody in the White House was familiar with Shaker and they contacted the schools. Shaker Heights is a perfect site for him because we have so many physicians and healthcare professionals from the Clinic and University Hospitals."