Boston Red Sox defeat Baltimore Orioles, 7-2

The Red Sox hitters were all over the bases, not just reaching and staying until they were finally left to jog back to the dugout or out to the field.

They were all over the bases and scoring, coming home with runs as the offense mounted a major fight for the first time since the team returned from the All-Star break to find its offense nonexistent.

The Orioles, generally, have proven a willing foil for the Sox’ foibles this season - excepting, of course, that comeba...

BOSTON - - Major League Baseball rules stipulate that, barring rain or another unusual occurrence, a team must get the final three outs of the ninth inning for a game to be official. Yet, there was a sense of finality Saturday night when David Ortiz's three-run homer off Jeremy Guthrie landed in the center-field bleachers.

And the first inning hadn't even ended yet.

Jon Lester was on the mound for the Boston Red Sox, and the Orioles were at Fenway Park, making the en...